About Us

"There is meaning in the smallest gesture & a sparkle in every day"

Here at BellissiBella we carry delicate jewelry that combined with a sentiment card of your choice will make the perfect gift for any occasion. We help you acknowledge the little moments in life, the firsts, the friendships, the fare-wells, the thank-yous, the get-wells, the I-am-thinking-of-you. In a fast paced world with emails, texts and e-cards, our gifts provide the recipient with a personalized message and a high quality piece of jewelry to celebrate a moment and create a memory that will last a lifetime.

Every piece of jewelry that I make by hand becomes a gift for an adoption, a graduation, a birth, for a sister, a mother, a bridesmaid... By adding personalized messages and quotes we can make a gift truly special and help people connect on an emotional level. Knowing that because of BellissiBella people are getting closer and spreading love is the best job anyone can have.

I believe that there is meaning in the smallest gesture and a sparkle in every day.